Lets talk about camera flashback?

Lets talk about camera flashback?

Lets talk about camera flashback?

March 5, 2020 Blog

How to avoid flashback on your wedding day

Lets talk about camera flashback. Ah, the dreaded make-up flashback! Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Miley Cyrus aren’t immune to it, even with their hordes of make-up artists:

Why its important to use a professional makeup artist

The harsh white markings are caused by silica, an ingredient in many translucent powders, particularly those labelled as “HD”. (Note: silica is not the same as silicon and silicone!) The silica used in makeup is a type of amorphous silica which has been processed to give it a large surface area. This means that it’s great as a microscopic sponge for soaking up oil (kind of like activated charcoal but colourless).

It’s also fantastic for diffusing light – all the tiny surfaces scatter light at different angles, giving a blurry, matte texture, making your skin look flawless on HD video (hence the HD label).

But not when direct flash comes out!

The harsh, front-on, white light of a flash is already pretty notorious for causing white patches on any mildly reflective surfaces (e.g. oily patches) directly facing the flash, without any flashback-causing ingredients.

Because silica has so many surfaces (a bit like a mirrored disco ball), if you have enough on your face, there will always be a whole bunch of surfaces ready to pick up that flash and throw it back at the camera – hence the white flashback.

Some other ingredients that are white or reflective can also pick up light and cause lightened areas, but usually to a lesser extent. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two physical sunscreen ingredients, can cause a whitish glow (which makes sense, since their ability to scatter light is partially responsible for their sunscreen ability!) – but not always. Shiny mica, shimmer and glitter will also get shinier with a flash.

How can you avoid it

1 Use silica powder, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, shimmer and glitter sparingly

2 Your makeup artist should be aware of this after all this is your wedding day and you want to look perfect!

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