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How to avoid camera flashback

Lets talk about camera flashback?

How to avoid flashback on your wedding day Lets talk about camera flashback. Ah, the dreaded make-up flashback! Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Miley Cyrus aren’t immune to it, even with their hordes of make-up artists: Why its important to use a professional makeup artist The harsh white […]


How to prepare your hair and skin

Beautiful Bridal Skin Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than the natural glow of happiness that becomes every bride. But to help that glow along, schedule a series of monthly facials beginning as early as six months before your wedding to help prepare your hair and skin. To ensure your skin […]


Brazilian Cacau Keratin Treatment

What Is Brazilian Cacau. Brasil CACAU‘s exclusive formula combines rich natural raw material and incorporates the latest BRAZILIAN KERATIN technology. Brazil CACAU reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair SMOOTHING THE CUTICLE & ELIMINATING FRIZZ while providing external protection. Why BRAZIL CACUA KERATIN TREATMENT? No damaging and […]


Port Douglas Wedding: Cairns Bridal Hair

I had the pleasure of looking after Melissa and her bridal party all from Melbourne on the 30th October 2011 for her Port Douglas Wedding. The bridal party got ready at a beautiful venue at Oak Beach Port Douglas. Melissa looked stunning and went for a vintage style dress and […]


Cairns Bridal hair & Makeup

Cairns Bridal Hair and Makeup specialize in providing long lasting hair and makeup perfect for outdoor tropical locations such as on a beach, at a resort or in an atmospheric traditional church. This can place extra stress on wedding Hair and makeup: humidity can make your hair curly, sweat can […]